Juniors and Seniors from Brehm Preparatory School signed up for career exploration sessions at John A. Logan community college.  They were split into two groups based on their interests: Health Careers Showcase or the Applied Technology Tour.  Students were introduced to the college campus, students, and instructors.

Applied Technology Tour

  1. Auto Collision Technology
  2. Automotive Services Technology    
  3. Construction Management Technology
  4. Drafting/Architecture/Graphic Design
  5. Electrical Engineering Technology/ Electronics/ Computer Support and Networking
  6. Heating and Air Conditioning
  7. Sustainable Energy/Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance
  8. Welding Technology


Jamie Niman (Transition Support Coordinator):

This was my first year attending the Applied Technology Tour and I was very impressed.  All of the instructors were clearly passionate about their field.  They often referred to seeing the careers as enjoyable as a hobby and very rewarding as work.  The hands on class setting was really appealing for our kinesthetic learners.  Many are excited and interested in dual enrollment with John A Logan after experiencing the campus and what they have to offer.  I hope John A Logan continues to offer this unique and exploratory experience to high school students.  

Michael: Even if you are good at it, it teaches you there’s more to learn.  Like with computers, I know a lot, but they teach you from what you know to more complex things.  One thing I like is that it was hands on, and I learn very quickly that way.

Daniel: I really liked the automotive lectures yesterday. The programs seemed very promising and fun. I liked that you actually get to work on actual cars as your classroom setting. Both programs never had students who failed them. You even get to take the cars you work on home if you finish fixing them by or before the due date.

Andrew: It was a good experience and I hope every student has the opportunity to do it.

Health Career Showcase

Available sessions:

  1. Campus Tour
  2. Cardiac Medical Sonography

  3. Dental Assisting and Hygiene

  4. Emergency Medical Services

  5. Health Information Technology

  6. Massage Therapy

  7. Medical Assistant

  8. Medical Lab Technician    

  9. Medical Office Programs

  10. Nursing

  11. Occupational Therapy

  12. Student Success Center

  13. Surgical Technology

  14. Veterinary Technology

Kara Lovelace-Greer (Science teacher and FBLA advisor):

The students who attended the health career day first attended an introductory meeting.  They heard from the director of the department, the president of the college and two current nursing students.  From there students had individualized schedules based on their interests.  

Wes: I wish I had more time to explore and talk to people I did not get a chance to.  I hurt my hand taking notes about nursing.  Surgical Technology would allow me to work with patients while I learn.  Be sure to swing by the Student Success Center and ask to speak with someone about plans after John A because they have software that can help you find jobs that you want.  They have this amazing reality check website, you can pick where you live, what everything costs, and see if your job makes enough money to cover it all.

Elena: It was very professional and inviting.  My favorite part was the vet technician.