By Marian Appiah-Kubi

The student, staff, and parent members of the 2015 For Kids’ Sake 5K Run/Walk-a-Thon team did us proud, with every member finishing the race with spirit and cleaning up on awards along the way. Originally setting out to beat our 2014 Team Brehm fundraising total of $2,500, we thought we were ‘shooting for the stars to land on the moon’ setting our team goal at $3,500. Little did we know that we weren’t so crazy, after all, to aim for such a lofty goal. (A valuable lesson in goal-setting our student members have learned!) The astounding generosity of the student members of Team Brehm’s family and friends, along with that of our own Brehm family and Gary’s and my family and friends, saw us not only achieve our goal of raising $3,500 to help provide for the basic needs and education of the Bangladeshi orphans and school children the For Kids’ Sake organization supports, but it saw us shatter last year’s total to hit $3,943 by the time of the event!!!

Here is what the money we raised can potentially do for the event’s beneficiaries in Bangladesh:

– Provide basic daily needs for 2,478 orphans!

– Buy 10, 600 meals (which will feed an orphan 3 square meals for 9.7 years!)

– Provide a year’s worth of medical care for 74 children!

– Cover six months of college tuition for 14 students!

– Cover the basic needs of 7 orphans for 1 year!

Team Brehm not only had a BLAST running for the For Kids’ Sake orphans and students in Bangladesh, but they also brought home some serious hardware! Improving on her performance from last year’s event, senior member Kate S. sprinted to a first place finish in her age group division, and Gary and I placed first and second, respectively, in our age groups. Dylan C., Beck C., and Tara B. won awards for raising the 5th, 4th, and 3rd-highest individual total, respectively, in the children’s division of that award. Impressive, right? But, wait- there’s more! TEAM BREHM not only won (well, tied, technically) the coveted Most Money Raised-Team Award, but we also ran away with the Team Spirit Award for the second year in a row! (Team members backtracked after crossing the finish line to run along and cheer our remaining members home, culminating in the whole group helping to power our final member, Molly B., across the finish line to chants of “MOLLY! MOLLY! MOLLY!”. Truly, it was a goose-dimpling moment!

Thank you, Team Brehm donors, we couldn’t have done so much without your generous support! We are also grateful that Russell Williams and the Brehm Foundation funded our bright orange shirts, which helped us stand out and win the Team Spirit award. Finally, we are thankful for YOU, Team Brehm student members (and LaNeal)! It has been an honor to work with you to help make a difference in the lives of others so less fortunate than us!


Gary & Marian