What is Brehm Strategic Planning?
by Dr. Richard Collins

Strategic planning at Brehm is part of our culture. We have been conducting our planning annually since 1989 with the utilization of outside consultants since 1992.  It is our way of developing and critiquing the outcomes of students, program interventions and the initiatives we need to focus on due to the ever-changing landscape of our current events, families, students and research. It is a time for all of us to evaluate how well we do what we say we do in order to continue to develop resources, which will allow continuous improvement.

The Brehm family includes all of us; first year parents to the veteran parent, staff, faculty, board members and the list keeps going. Each one of us has skill sets, which can contribute to our vision of being the best and help us continue to focus on our mission, which is our families. Come join us so you can contribute to our continued success as a vision and mission driven destination for families who share our experience. Your insight and ideas need to be heard. Don’t pass up the opportunity to contribute.