Know the Difference!

Since 1982, in partnership with families just like yours, Brehm has been successfully teaching students with language-based and complex learning disabilities to “learn how to learn.” Our “family style” 24/7 school is uniquely designed to foster independence and responsibility. Where other schools have failed students, Brehm delivers success.

A Unique Educational Experience

The academic program is securely rooted in Brehm’s mission to empower students to recognize and realize their full potential. Each student is a unique individual with unique needs who deserves a safe, yet challenging environment to pursue their education.

Residential Services

Brehm’s family-style living environment fosters countless, real-life, “teachable moments,” which in-turn promote more responsibility and independent thinking. Students learn both the social skills for interacting with other people and the independent living skills needed to live as happy productive individuals.

Planning with an Eye to the Future!

Transition services at Brehm go beyond planning for children during their senior year! We know that the best transition plans for students are those that begin the moment we meet your children and develop across our program over time. That’s why you will find that the academic, social emotional, career, and independent living goals set for each student, whether they are in sixth grade or twelfth, are implemented with an eye to the future.

Speech & Language

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) at Brehm work with students individually and in groups, in therapy sessions and in the classroom, to improve skills for speaking, reading, writing and social communication. The SLPs, integral to Brehm’s holistic approach, develop goals and therapy plans for students in accordance with their unique individual profiles. With five full-time SLPs on staff, we are able to match students with the SLP best suited to their personalities and needs.

Brehm Preparatory School

Founded in 1982, Brehm is a boarding school for students with complex learning disabilities.

950 S. Brehm Lane
Carbondale, IL 62901