Brehm Campus

The Brehm campus is a very special place. It is a cooperative family style environment where students discover that they share learning differences with others. Additionally, they learn not only from their instructors and tutors, but from their fellow students as well. As Brehm students learn how to learn together, they also make lifelong friends.

Simply put, the Brehm campus is the backdrop for a great education.

Building Locations

  1.  Dorm 1
  2.  Dorm 2
  3.  Dorm 3
  4.  Dorm 4
  5.  Dorm 5
  6.  Christie Hall (Residential and Counseling)
  7.  Nursing and Institute
  8.  Administration Building – Alpha N ( to the rear of Admin)
  9.  West Academic Building
  10.  East Academic Building
  11.  Admin 2
  12.  Patton Hall
  13.  Soccer Field
  14. Student Activity Center and Dining Hall

Other Attractions

  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Paintball Field
  • Frisbee Golf Course (9 holes)
  • Gazebo
  • Outdoor Grilling Station
  • Shaded Creek and Sitting Area
  • Fishing Pond w/paddle boats
  • Lake Trail
  • Wooded Nature Trail
  • Greenhouse

Brehm Preparatory School