By Kelly Vaughn

This week in Culinary, we learned about measurements.  In the first session, we learned about measuring spoons, dry measuring cups, a liquid measuring cup and what ingredients to use with them.  The students participated in a great discussion on what food supplies Lewis & Clark may have had on their journey and why.  The students identified tea as a possible item that could have easily been packed for use during their journey. The students had an opportunity to enjoy a cup of hot tea with their peers to finish their first culinary session.

In the second session, the students continued to learn about measurements by making their own trail mix. They discussed the foods that Lewis and Clark would have brought with them and those they would have found along their journey.  Seeds and dried fruits make up most of the mix, but we did include some modern day ingredients like M&M’s, pretzels, and granola.  They measured each ingredient with measuring spoons and measuring cups to build their own perfect blend of trail mix.

Next week we will build upon the learning that took place this week.  We will use our knowledge of how to measure certain ingredients and make recipes that Lewis & Clark made out on the trail.  Stay tuned for updates and pictures!