Fitness/Dance Elective

June 29, 2015

By Marian Appiah-Kubi


Campers worked up a sweat at the Carbondale Middle School Track and Field Complex this evening in the Fitness/Dance rotation of their Elective classes. Following a short bus ride to the Complex, campers (with their water bottles in hand and their electronics grudgingly left behind on the bus by some) jogged, power-walked, or skipped a lap around the 400-metre track before circling up together to stretch. Then, they headed up to the Complex’s short stadium stairs for repetitions (reps) of power, speed, and agility exercises, including sprinting up the stairs as quickly and as SAFELY as each camper could, “bunny hopping” up the stairs, single leg-hopping up the stairs and, finally, ‘bear-clawing’ up! Campers completed three reps of each exercise (some even begged to do more!), stopping briefly to catch their breath and hydrate between each set of exercises. Finally, they jogged, skipped, or power-walked 400 metres again to cool down before heading back to the bus, some with relieved sighs and others wanting to do “one more lap, PLEEEEASE!” The campers showed impressive warrior spirits, and they all looked to have had a tiring but ultimately satisfying time ‘getting their fitness on!’