We are thrilled to bring a special blog post written by a Brehm student. Our guest blogger went around during Move-in weekend  and did a great question and answer session with staff and students. Below you will find the guest bloggers recap from the Q&A…enjoy!


Friends shout greetings to one another from across the gym, the other side of a parking lot, and many other places – this is the hustle and bustle that signifies the move-in weekend of yet another school year at Brehm. One student who is back at Brehm for their third year decided to ask a few new and old staff as well as returning students a couple of questions. This student was surprised at the answers.


Here are the questions and the various responses.


Q&A With New Dorm Staff

Brehm Student(BS):What are you excited or nervous about this year?


New Staff: I’m really excited to get know everybody and meet all the great people. I’m glad to be a part of Brehm and everything we do here.


Q&A with Returning Brehmie from Norway (In BAP)

BS: What are you either excited or nervous about in this upcoming year?


RB: I’m excited to get started on my Arrowsmith again. I’m also excited to see my friends after three months away from them. I’m not that nervous ‘cause it’s not my first year, so it’s not going to be that hard for me.


BS: What do you want to have happen hopefully this year?


RB: I hope that I will get good grades.


BS: That’s a good thing to think about.


RB: Yeah.


BS: What do you think about any new or returning students?


RB: I haven’t really seen much of the new students, but it’s good to see the retuning students again. I’ve really been excited to see them.


Q&A with Another Returning Senior Brehmie (also in The BAP Program)


BS: What are you excited or maybe nervous in this upcoming year?


RSB: What I’m nervous about is making new friends but I am hoping for the best. What I’m excited about is finishing strong, having a good year, and graduating with pride.


Q&A with Returning Brehmie (First Year In BAP Program)


BS: What are you excited about for this year?


RB: This year I’m mostly excited about trying out my new classes and trying to see if, you know, they’re good for me and basically, probably Prom. That will be really, really fun.


BS: Is there anything you’re nervous about? Maybe a test or not succeeding at something?


RB: No, not really ‘cause I have really good teachers so I don’t think so. But, sometimes I get stressed outfit I’m not organized enough. Other than that, I think I’m good.


All in all, the Q&A went well. The student got some great responses and learned a few new things.