Visiting Brehm

Brehm welcomes you for a visit!

Visiting Brehm is a wonderful way to understand the great benefits of an individualized education. Each visitor is given a personal tour of our 100-acre campus which offers a firsthand look at how well our 24/7 school works for our students. When possible, teachers give visitors insights on their classes while in progress. If your tour is during the school year, your host will probably be a Brehm student. However, an Admissions professional will also discuss with you how Brehm can help your child. (Note that Brehm admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.)

Arrange a Personalized Visit

Call the Brehm Office of Admissions at 618.457.0371 or email today

Brehm School is located in the small Midwest town of Carbondale, Illinois, which is about two hours southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. The map below shows how to get here from the St. Louis International Airport, which is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Another alternative is our local regional airport with multiple daily flights to St. Louis.

St. Louis International Airport

Williamson County Regional Airport