Ancestral Skills
Summer Program 2018


JUNE, 2018

We brought in an expert, Greg Nejmanowski, from Touch of Nature to show campers ancient tools and replicas to understand how our ancestors created and used items for survival.  We divided into tribes to practice throwing replica weapons at targets, such as rabbit sticks, darts using the atlatl, and spears.

Another “station” on-site introduced ocher, a natural earth clay pigment, for students to paint their faces and arms.  We also took turns making fire using the “fire triangle” of fuel, air, and spark. Students and staff enjoyed asking questions and learning about survival stories and experiences with Greg!

Jamie Niman
Brehm Transition Coordinator

What was your favorite part?

James: My favorite part was shooting with the atlatl and using my bow drill experience to start a fire.

Lydia: I liked throwing the (rabbit) sticks at the milk cartons.  We did it over and over again to get better!

Maddie: Making fire using a battery and steel wool!

“My favorite part of the day was throwing rabbit sticks to hit milk jugs!” – Issac

What was the most interesting thing you learned?

Maddie: I liked his story about being in the wilderness during a snowstorm and walking to find someone for help.

Issac: We learned we could make paint with rock (ocher) and water to use on our faces to blend in with nature better.