Touch of Nature field trip: Dip netting and Interpretive Hike


JULY, 2018

Summer campers visited Touch of Nature to participate in an interpretive hike and dip netting workshop.  We split into two groups and flipped activities when we finished. Nora led the dip netting activity where students used specialty nets on poles to catch macroinvertebrate from the water.  We added our specimens to tubs of water so we could better investigate them. Nora gave us illustrated taxonomies to practice identifying the specimens and record our findings. She explained to us how we can look at how healthy water is by what lives in it.

Steve led the interpretive hike, stopping us several times to talk about what the land use to look like and involve students in activities such as using our bodies to figure the timeline and measuring the distance of a tree to make a canoe.  Steve brought us to a circle to play the ukulele and involve us all in singing about mythologies on the origin of our planet! We also tried bird calls – our students were most interested in the horned owl, both its call and its habits!

Jamie Niman
Summer Experiential Coordinator

We had a great time at Touch of Nature and enjoyed the historical and scientific information the experts presented in a really hands-on, interactive way!