by Courtney Vincent
Special Educator
Reading and Writing

Teaching is not magic. There is no secret potion or sorcery that can take a student’s weaknesses and make them suddenly disappear. No amount of flicking or swishing of a wizard’s wand can take away the difficulty that many students face when trying to be successful readers or writers.

At Brehm, we have years of experience in matching evidence and research-based practices in reading and writing to students’ needs. As I spend the days leading up to the arrival of our prefects and first years, it is not just my classroom decor on my mind. With every addition to the walls, the ceilings, and the boards, there is greater attention to the programs and practices that I will carefully choose and administer to those in my charge. Some will participate in Peer Assisted Learning Strategy practices to improve their comprehension, while others may be Seeing Stars. While a small group may spend their time in the guided practice of Orton-Gillingham drills with me, others will start becoming more Wordly Wise.

We know that, as parents, bringing your kids to Southern Illinois and trusting us to be their teachers, caregivers, and cheerleaders when they are away from you is no small feat. While what we do is not magic, please know that the results we see in your child’s progress, happiness, and maturity is nothing short of magical to us.  For, as Albus Dumbledore tells us, “it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” It is seeing that growth that

I can’t wait to see my students in the next week! Here’s to a magical 2017-2018 school year.