This week, students are being introduced to the LiveScribe Pen, an amazingly liberating note-taking device that this instructor believes might have helped produced more doctors, lawyers, mathematicians and such, had it been around longer than it has. Students were fascinated with it and the many ways it can capture conversation and be reviewed. After watching an introductory video about it (, the instructor modeled how the Pen can be used by introducing a casual topic of discussion (the best movie students have seen so far this summer or their favorite movie of all time) and jotting down key words and phrases as students took turns sharing their responses. Afterward, she played back parts of the conversation, and all enjoyed listening to their voices played back (most students agreed they sound much different in a recording than they believe they sound in real life), “jumping” backward and forward through the conversation, and slowing down and speeding it up. Then, students were invited to take turns introducing a topic of discussion and jotting down “notes” as their classmates contributed to the discussion. For the rest of this week, students will be assigned a LiveScribe Pen and notebook to use to take notes while watching a video about our Milky Way galaxy ( to simulate the experience of note-taking during presentation of more cerebral information, then notes will be reviewed and discussed to connect the information from the video to students’ previous knowledge of our galaxy to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the information and topic.