Brehm Basketball – A season of learning and growth



The 2018-2019 was a season of learning and growth. The Brehm Bears went into the season with only one returning Varsity player and a cast of characters you’d normally find in Barnes and Noble rather than a basketball court. It was a privilege and at times a miracle to watch a group of students with different learning issues become a team and family. Walker S. was a coach’s dream with how he took control of the team in a very thoughtful way becoming a leader and team Captain. He led in a fashion where all the players felt included and important.

Cole C., Dylan C., Yeorios C., and Sebastian R. demonstrated tremendous Senior leadership and helped create an environment/culture of safety. They played hard in games and practice setting a great example for how Brehm Basketball looks. Luke W. blossomed after the mid-way point of the season hitting his first three-pointer of the season on Senior Night. Luke jumped for joy as the crowd went wild and he ran down the court yelling KOBE!  It reminded us all why Brehm is such a special place and sports has the power to change lives.

Aaron Lee

Head Coach

I can’t forget the young pups, Yamini and Henry, two underclassmen who stepped up big time during the season and overcame personal obstacles to become key parts of our team. The future for the Bears is bright with those two becoming the foundation for our team next year. We often tell the students “Everyone is important but, no one is special” and our season of learning turned out to be pretty special. A team isn’t a group of people that work together but a group of people that trust each other.