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Brehm Parent Association

The Brehm Parent Association (BPA) serves the Brehm community as an important voice to support the school. Parents of Brehm students are automatically members of the BPA; which is funded through a small grant from the school. The BPA president is also a member of the Brehm Board of Directors. The BPA renews itself each year, with new goals that reflect the interests of parents and the needs of the school. The BPA responds to concerns by arranging speakers at Parents Weekend and providing support for key school priorities — most recently, picnic tables, benches and trash receptacles for the campus, a popcorn machine for the Cyber Café and a book binding machine for the PACT lab. An ongoing effort of the Association is the Ambassadors Program. Each new student family is paired with the family of a returning student who can answer questions about the Brehm experience and the practical questions that arise regarding Brehm and the Carbondale area. In addition, the BPA provides financial gifts as a thank-you to staff for the winter holidays, hosts special occasion breakfasts and assists the school with help for special events, especially during Parent Weekends. If you’d like to get involved please contact Floy Daugherty, president of the BPA.

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