Technology empowered learning

In the information age, learning extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. That’s why Brehm utilizes a broad spectrum of viewpoints, strategies, and tools to advance our students’ learning experiences: a high-capacity, fiber-optic network powers our wireless campus and classrooms. The school continually invests in new learning technologies and infrastructure to offer students immersive access to knowledge.

Each Brehm student is issued an Apple laptop computer loaded with a suite of the latest tools and assistive software in our one-to-one program. These include dictation software, text readers, and graphic organizers. Students can also utilize Garageband, iMovie, Cricut, Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite, and other art programs to create works of art and rich multimedia presentations.

For students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, digitized textbooks, Livescribe pens, and speech-to-text dictation help students become independent learners. To support students’ individual needs, math classes use various technologies. Science calculators and online graphing calculators, such as Desmos, are regularly used. Online learning tools and environments include Geogebra, Desmos classroom, Graspable Math, Mathigon, Quizlet for vocabulary support, online pattern blocks, and geoboards.


It’s like having your own bookstore! Brehm students have access to Bookshare’s vast library for instruction and personal reading.

Staying connected on campus

All students are issued a school e-mail account allowing them to stay connected with family members, students, teachers, and friends. An integrated student information system helps students, parents, and teachers track student appointments, assignments, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and holistic goals in the 24/7 environment.

Investing in Our Staff

Brehm educators are continually learning about new and emerging technologies and how to best apply them with our students. We invest in our staff’s professional development by engaging them in conferences, seminars, and workshops to improve their skills. Faculty members take continuing education courses and in-depth technology instruction in order to continually integrate the latest technologies into Brehm’s state-of-the-art learning environment.