The 2017-2018 Brehm Basketball Season



Article by Aaron Lee: Athletic Director and Head Coach.

The 2017-2018 Brehm basketball season has been one filled with excitement and learning. Our team, this season, is comprised mostly of students that haven’t played organized basketball before and they have accomplished things they never imagined they could do. The players learned accountability, commitment, teamwork, and leadership.

It’s been a season of first as well, Sebastian scored his first field goal of his 2-year career and the joy on his face was far more reaching than the outcome on the scoreboard. Our younger Bears grew up this season.  Vince, Peter, Duncan, and Nash all showed signs of improvement and will become the leaders of the team moving forward.

Brehm hosted its first live game broadcast complete with play-by-play, commentary, and player, post-game interviews.

Photograph by Jonathan Cohen and JC Photography

Every good program needs senior leadership, Jonathan and his fellow seniors showed tremendous leadership in helping the younger players develop and understand the culture of Brehm Basketball. Oh yeah, and by the way the Brehm Bears are on a two-game winning streak, they won two games in the Trinity Invitational this weekend.  Our final games this season are on the road.

“A team isn’t a group of people that play together but, a group of people that trust each other”

The kids played great basketball in moments that were very intense and emotional which is where our kids normally struggle, on and off the court. In closing, it was a wonderful season for our players, parents, and school thanks for your continued support.