Brehm’s Graduation 2018


JUNE, 2018

The 2017-18 school year has flown by with many eventful and promising opportunities and challenges. Participating in the graduation for the Class of 2018 was a powerful way to close the school year.   As a Brehm community, graduation is always a bitter-sweet time for emotions.  We are thrilled for your success and excited by the next steps you will take.  We are saddened by your departure because we have spent a great amount of energy and time getting to know you and we will miss you.  We have shared many wonderful and special moments in and out of the classroom. Lastly, we are a little frighted, as we watch you leave our safety to navigate this complicated world.

Always remember to draw from the strength you gained while at Brehm.  Do not forget the endless support your families and friends can provide.  Your families have offered much in the way of financial support, emotional energy, and the sacrifice of your time and distance and away from home. They will be rooting for you during these next steps. Many of you have made life-long friendships at Brehm, and you will forever remember the fun times during difficult days.  The relationships you formed with your dorm parents and teachers will always be with you, whispering words of encouragement during classes, jobs, and new friendships.  We will always welcome you back for a visit.

Brehm Alumni Speaker, Austin Wielansky

Terri Douglas

Head of Education and Student Services

Most of all have confidence in the person who got you where you are today – yourself.  Be proud of what you have done and where you are going.  Focus on keeping a positive and healthy, growth mindset toward the goals you choose to accomplish.  As long as you believe in who you are, ask for the help you need, accept the support given, and stick with it, your goals will be achievable.

Thank you for sharing your time and opening your minds to learning while at Brehm.  The Brehm Community is strong and we are all proud to be “Brehmies”.  It is not always easy to be a “Brehmie”; it takes perseverance, strength, patience, confidence, and intellect.  It is a lifelong connection and it will serve you well as you move forward.  We wish you well and the ability to embrace all of your future opportunities and challenges with the spirited heart and fortitude of a “Brehmie”.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!