Brehm Wear

for around campus,

your community

or your next adventure

Most of the products listed below can be ordered with any of the logos for the various groups across Brehm Inc. including Brehm Prep School, OPTIONS Transitions to Independence, and the Brehm School Foundation.  Other graphics will be made available in the future for the Institute and the Brehm Summer Program.  Pricing and availability are listed on each product page.

In addition to customizing your clothing for your particular organization, you can also choose from different colors.  Multiple colors are not available for all products.  Again, this information is noted on each product page.

Employees and volunteers at Brehm can also choose to have the word staff, printed or embroidered on the clothing, for a small additional charge.  As with the other choices, the availability of the "Staff" option is listed on each product page as well.

Orders can be placed by mail by downloading Brehm Order Form.  All orders must be picked up at Brehm Preparatory School at 950 S. Brehm Lane.  We are working on a method to ship products out to our families, but the logistics are not in place yet.

When ordering your products, please be sure to completely fill out the order form.  Include the information about each product that you want to order:

  • The product number
    • This will be a series of letters and numbers that also indicates the logo that you want to be added to your product.  The product numbers will look like this: EB538BPS 
  • The product description
  • The clothing size
  • The color of the product
  • The quantity of each item
  • The cost of each item - noting that larger sizes may have additional charges.

** Product logo examples may be slightly larger to show logo detail **