Business Staff

The Brehm Business team is comprised of a dynamic and diverse group of professionals who work collectively to ensure that the financial, facilities, and food services areas of Brehm embrace the supportive and holistic community that Brehm exemplifies.

Kimberly Blevens

Admissions Specialist

Start Date: 2017

“Helping families is very fulfilling.”

Kimberly started at Brehm in 2017 as the Admissions Specialist. Her primary role is recruiting potential students, maintaining relationships with parents and professionals, and traveling to promote/enroll new students. Kimberly’s positive attitude and bright smiles make her the perfect fit as the Admissions Specialist.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science from Missouri Baptist University.

Tricia Burns

Administrative Assistant/Travel Coordinator

Start Date: 2019

Erin Camfield

Interim Director of the Brehm Foundation

Start Date: 2013

“I love the Brehm community, the people I work with (especially Charity Finley) and the families we serve.”

Erin Camfield started in the Brehm Foundation in 2013 as the Foundation Associate. Her previous experience in marketing and sales makes her a valuable asset to Brehm School Foundation.

Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from St. Louis University.

Wayne Goodwin


Start Date: 2007

“I enjoy engaging and working with students at Brehm.”

Wayne Goodwin started at Brehm in 2007. Wayne is a very talented drummer and a great guy. You can tell he takes great pride in his job by the way he keeps the facilities around Brehm sparkling.

Michael Hosmon


Start Date: 2000

“At Brehm, there is always a sense of purpose, there is always something new to do every day.”

Michael Hosman has been a part of the Brehm family since 2000. Prior to Brehm Michael worked in a quality control laboratory. His attention to detail and knowledge of day to day operations makes him a very valuable member of the team.

Michael attended John A. Logan College in Carterville Illinois.

David St. Pierre, D.O.

Network Administrator

Start Date: 2015

“My favorite quote is “When giving a gift, never remember; when receiving a gift, never forget.”  Brehm is a gift to all families and to everyone that works here. I am thankful to be a part of the Brehm gift that gives hope to students and their families.”

David St. Pierre started at Brehm in 2015 in the Technology department as the network administrator. Prior to Brehm David was Network Analyst for a regional Internet service provider.

David has his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southern Illinois Carbondale.

Terry Wilson

Executive Assistant

Start Date: 2018

“I like working at Brehm because of the friendliness and acceptance of the staff and students but more so the goal of Brehm’s mission to empower our students.”

Terry Wilson joined the Brehm team in 2018 as the Administrative Assistant and Student Travel Coordinator for the school. Terry previously worked 16 years in an administrative role for a financial firm and before that for an architecture firm.

Michelle Winemiller


Start Date: 2018

I enjoy working with my Brehm coworkers as they are all amazing people and have made me feel as if I am part of the Brehm family in the short time that I have been here. I also enjoy being able to interact with staff as well as the  students and their parents.”

Michelle Winemiller joined the Brehm team in 2018. She has worked in HR and Payroll for over 12 years. She also worked at Southern Illinois University for 9 years in Human Resources prior to joining Brehm.

Michelle is an Illinois State Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent.