A Special Message from Terri Douglas:

Dear Brehm Families,

I am saddened to announce the resignation of Chrissy Strusz, a highly valued and talented faculty member for over 15 years.  While we are excited for Chrissy and her next great adventure, we will miss her dedication to students, staff, and families. During her tenure, Chrissy cultivated 21st-century skills for Brehm students in the Photography Art and Computer Technology classes, fondly referred to as PACT.  Co-sponsored by our students, she championed fifteen yearbooks designed and published in-house.  A team of staff, under her leadership and mentorship, designed a summer program which has benefited Brehm’s admission in-take, stimulated students, and developed staff experience.  The creation of our Makerspace is one of her recent endeavors to bring creative and critical thinking to our students. Chrissy has lobbied and led several other project-based learning activities and has recruited funds and donations for technology equipment, our River Table, and a new 3D printer which is on the horizon before her departure.  As a coach, she nurtured pride and resilience in our students who played on the girls basketball and soccer teams.  Chrissy is warmly referred to at Brehm as the  “Mamma Bear” because of her incredible heart and her compulsion to protect and fight for the rights and welfare of students and staff.  By nature a high-energy individual, she possesses the ability to bolster others, provide a helping hand, and encourage a positive growth mindset.  As a mentor, a leader, a teacher, and a friend, she has embodied the spirit of Brehm.  Without a doubt, her presence has been immense and her absence will be acutely felt by students, staff, and families.

We thank her for all she has given, created, and devoted to Brehm. Her years of service have profoundly touched and bettered many lives.  We wish her continued success in her journey.

Regarding future planning and scheduling, Brehm is fortunate to have Jennifer Conwell-Barnes on staff who has a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Philosophy.  She has been a genuine asset to our technology program and Brehm is confident she will facilitate a seamless transition.  Starting on January 8, 2018,  Jen will be the instructor for the PACT and Explorative Studies Classes.  She will continue to instruct the Computer Science class with Paul Kosuth and oversee the roles and responsibilities of the newly appointed technology instructor, Angela Blessing. Angela is a master of many trades and has been a part-time teacher and instructional aide for Brehm.  She will continue to teach her reading and zoology classes, but will add the technology instruction to her caseload.

Chrissy will be here until holiday break.  Students will be informed of Chrissy’s resignation later this afternoon. If you have concerns, please contact Dr. Brown or Terri Douglas.


Terri Douglas
Director of Education/Associate Director