Complex Learning Disabilities and Individualized Learning


Brehm School is dedicated to educating and empowering students with complex learning disabilities, helping them to reach their full potential.

Brehm is a coeducational boarding school that utilizes a holistic approach which not only addresses the academic needs of the student, but the social and emotional needs as well. We are more than a traditional boarding school that provides structure and education. Students at Brehm discover and capitalize on their strengths, and they utilize those strengths in minimizing their challenges. Brehm’s focus is to enable its students to become lifelong learners and successful active participants in our communities and our workforce.

We prepare our students for life.


Why a Boarding School for Some Children with Learning Disabilities

It’s not a parent’s first choice to send their children away to a boarding school, but many realize such a school can provide the opportunities that they cannot. Children don’t attend school every day wanting to fail, but when they do fail, they often fall farther and farther behind their peers. Students become anxious, withdrawn, and angry, possibly giving up activities that they once found enjoyable. The stressors involved at school and at home begin to affect everyone in the family. Suddenly, the child has a combination of issues, both academic and emotional. Before long, these issues affect social relationships. Then, it becomes a complex problem.

The holistic approach, multisensory teaching methods, learning how to learn, self-discovery, development of analytical skills, and feeling empowered are all part of the Brehm model and are invaluable in the journey toward independence and self-reliance

Brehm is a safe, structured, and nurturing environment for students with learning disabilities, where students can learn how to learn and establish lasting friendships. Students are supported by faculty and staff during the academic day, while dorm-parents, assistants, tutors, and recreational staff provide support for the residential life curriculum

Brehm offers:

  • 1:1 staff-to-student ratio
  • Peer support
  • State-of-the-art assistive technology
  • A coed environment
  • Clubs and extracurricular recreational activities
  • An eco-friendly campus
  • A healthy eating wellness program
  • Annual International Trip
  • Annual ski trip
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty and staff
  • The support of language therapists, nursing, and clinical staff

If Brehm sounds right for your 6th through 12th grade student, please contact us for more information, a tour, or a visit.

Contact Admissions at (618) 457-0371, ext 1304 or
email for more information.