Crab Orchard: Archery and Pollinator Garden


JULY, 2018

Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge offered Brehm students the opportunity to participate in their archery program and learn about their on-site pollinator garden.  For archery instruction, Dana led our students through safety precautions practicing with rope before moving on to shooting targets. We performed an eye dominance test to determine which eye to close while shooting, then split into groups to practice shooting blank boxes first before moving on to targets.

Master naturalists lectured on pollinators and the type of specific plants different bees pollinate.  They gave our group a tour through the garden to discuss the local plants and what kind of pollinators they attract.  They also used visuals of pollinators, such as the book Bees in your Backyard.

Jamie Niman
Summer Experiential Coordinator

Our students had a great time and learned a lot of information about bees, which gave them an opportunity to use later at Dayempur Farm!  Thanks to Crab Orchard for hosting us!