Dayempur Farm, Center for Sustainable Living

10 & 19

JULY, 2018

Brehm students visited Dayempur Farm, Center for Sustainable Living, in Anna for two Thursday mornings during our summer program.  Mark talked to our campers about Dayempur as a community, how they implement sustainable practices, and what it means to be organic and holistic.

We toured both days in groups with different leaders in crops, the herbal garden, campsite, cemetery, and the bee farm.  Dayempur features an observation hive which captivated many of our students! Mark pointed out the queen bee and everyone was eager to rotate in to see her up close.  Down at the campsite, there is a cabin made of local materials. It is constructed using straw bales, which Mark likened to stacking like legos using “mud” (a mixture of crushed limestone and clay).  On the path from the campsite, he explained that they purposely left milkweed up instead of clearing it so that monarch butterflies could reproduce.

Jamie Niman
Brehm Transition Coordinator

Our groups worked different jobs on the farm such as egg-washing, cleaning up the campsite, harvesting onions and hanging them to dry in the barn, and trimming garlic.  In our last hour, Dayempur treated us to burgers! Our students were engaged with the meaningful work and many understood and felt pride that they contributed to the farm.

We enjoyed our time at Dayempur Farm and hope to continue this tradition next summer or, if the schedule allows it, visit again during the school year!