During Brehm’s 40th Anniversary Gala, Jace Nelson won the opportunity, through the silent auction, to serve in the role of Director of Student Life for the day.

This past Saturday, Jace planned an enjoyable day for the students that allowed them to keep their cell phones overnight, an extended free time, and a day off from chore completion.

Jace N

Director of Student Life

In addition, Jace worked collaboratively with Adrianna to plan an overnight recreation trip which is tentatively set for April, 2023.

The day began with Jace treating students and staff to breakfast at IHOP.
Jace demonstrated excellent leadership skills by assisting staff with student wake ups and ensuring all the young men transitioned efficiently out of the dorms for breakfast. Later, Jace and I picked up a treat for the students to have during lunchtime.

Needless to say, the students had such a great day, they proposed Jace continue in the role of Director of Student Life until the end of the school year!:)