Educational Technology

Empowering Learning

The Brehm campus features

state-of-the-art technologies

for teachers and students.


Brehm believes in an immersive holistic approach to education, one of the key pillars to effective education, especially educating children with learning disabilities is access to information. Access to knowledge shouldn’t just occur in a classroom or during library hours. With the explosion of the information age, access to knowledge is no longer guarded by the operating hours of brick and motor institutions, and it most certainly is not constrained to just sitting in a classroom. Brehm believes in breaking down these barriers of learning, and it is why Brehm has invested heavily in our technology infrastructure during the last decade to position itself as a leader to take advantage of these new emerging mediums and flexible learning paradigms.

Brehm’s 80 acre campus is equipped with the latest wireless connectivity throughout. This includes outside, in a students dorm room, in a classroom, or anywhere on campus a student would want to use their computer. Brehm’s wireless infrastructure is powered by a high capacity fiber-optic campus network all the way back to our internet service provider (ISP). Our network has the capacity to be expanded with the data requirements of the future.

Student & Faculty One-to-One Apple Laptop Program

To leverage this high speed infrastructure and gain access to many of the technologies here at Brehm all students are issues an Apple Laptop Computer as part of our one-to-one program. These laptops come loaded with the latest tools to help our students learn and a great suit of software to help our students explore their creative side and express themselves. Some of the assistive software packages the students have access to are; Dragon Dictate, Kurzweil 3000 and Inspiration. Students utilize Garage Band, iMovie, iPhoto, and Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite to create works of art and rich multimedia presentations and projects.

Classrooms are equipped with projectors, displays, and other instructional technologies that allow our faculty to help integrate these technologies. Brehm digitizes text books and uses Kurzweil 3000 to preform optical character recognition (OCR) for students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. Brehm is also a member of Bookshare, which allows our students and staff to access a wide range of digital books for instruction.

Our math classes use scientific calculators, Geogebra, and Geometer’s Sketchpad routinely with other technologies to help students learn and apply mathematics. This approach gets students access to different learning tools and view points. This is a valuable addition to the lectures, seat, and problem based home work typically accompanied with such work.

To help students communicate electronically, Brehm issues them a school e-mail account so that they can stay connected to family members, students, teachers, and friends while they learn how to learn. Brehm’s integrated student information system helps students, parents, and teachers track a students; appointments, assignments, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and holistic goals in our 24/7 environment.

Investing In Our Staff

Brehm realizes educators either new or experienced need to learn about new and emerging technologies and how to best apply them in our setting. Brehm invests in our staff by sending them to conferences and hosting on-site professional development workshops to improve their skills. Faculty members attend continuing education courses and in depth technology instruction in order to seamlessly integrate the very latest technologies into daily classes for the 21st century classroom and learning environments.