Hampshire Hall Donation for Furniture



The boys in Hampshire Hall came back to campus after the holiday break to find a brand new lounge in their dorm. A Brehm family donated $5,000 and designated their gift to update the lounge in Hampshire Hall.

The donation purchased new furniture, tables, rugs, decor, two tv stands, and two bookcases.

The donation didn’t just provide a new look and feel to the lounge but also provided the boys with a closer community. Before they didn’t have a way to entertain others from campus, but now they enjoy inviting other students and staff to their dorm lounge to hang out and socialize.

One donation…your donation…makes a difference! Thank you to our current family that made a difference for the boys in Hampshire Hall.

Erin Camfield

Foundation Associate

Hampshire Hall is one of three boy dormitories on Brehm campus. During the summer of 2018, Hampshire Hall, along with Jenner Hall and DaVinci Hall, was updated with new flooring, lighting, paint and bathroom renovations through the Brehm Preparatory School Foundation Capital Campaign. Jenner Hall’s student lounge was also updated in the summer of 2018 with new furniture, tables, decor, rugs, televisions, and tv stands.

The new lounge in Hampshire has had added a great boost in pro-social communication and interactions. Students are more drawn to hanging out in the lounge vs being isolated in their rooms. Aside from the coziness provided by the couches, the addition of the table has allowed us to more comfortably play tabletop games. On the first weekend back, we actually invited another hall’s staff and student over to play some card games and it went great.” – Dorm Parent, LaNeal Nance

If you would like to make a donation to update the student lounge in DaVinci Hall or designate your gift to other areas for Brehm campus, please contact Erin Camfield with the Foundation at 618.457.0371 or erin.camfield@brehm.org. Online donations can be made at www.Brehm.org/donate.