A Brehm student walking to class with their computer.
Head of School Welcome

Terri Douglas

Head of School


Brehm is a small community with big hearts where each student is seen, heard, and valued. A limited number of students on campus supports a family model where your child can find belonging and a home away from home. Uncertainty and vulnerability can inhibit many young people from realizing who they are and who they can be. For the student overwhelmed by large classes, unpredictable environments, and intimidating social situations, a smaller arena is the ideal place to practice and grow. We deliver a student-centric, personalized learning environment with a 1:5 ratio of staff to students. This level of support fortifies Brehm’s holistic services embracing academic growth, social competencies, life skills, and emotional well-being. When a student is understood, accepted, and appreciated, they blossom and realize brighter and bigger opportunities.

Come visit and feel the quiet energy and strength of a small school deeply rooted in the heartland of America. Stop here in your search for the right fit — take a breath of fresh air. See the difference as we live it in the dorms, in classes, in the community, and with nature. Observe our commitment to find breakthrough solutions and build social relationships. Smile as we restore the joy of living and celebrate every learning moment. If a small community brimming with talent, expertise, and unrelenting passion to unlock and empower your child’s gifts is your mission, then come live it with us. Join Brehm’s extraordinary journey to rejuvenate hope, awaken potential, and broaden future possibilities for students with learning differences.