Brehm Summer Program

Brehm’s Summer Program offers an extraordinary experience that blends adventure learning, academics, and social awareness for children with learning challenges, ages 12–18.

Arrowsmith Program

Based on neuroscience research, Arrowsmith is a program of specific cognitive exercises to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying learning deficits.

Arrowsmith Program

Based on neuroscience research, Arrowsmith is a program of specific cognitive exercises to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying learning deficits.

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School Day

Take a look at the school day of Brehm students. Check out the curriculum of offer classes and learn how we adapt the learning environment for learners with learning disabilities and differences.

After School

Learning doesn’t stop or end after the academic day. Our boarding program extends to the dorms with independent living skills coaching, recreation, and lessons on social skills. Not to mention the weekends.


Brehm offers a continuum of services that doesn’t end from wake up to wake up. Services ranging from on-call clinical and nursing supports to live in dorm parents that are availablefor support after hours.

Chemistry lab experiment with students at Brehm Prep

Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities and Learning Differences Since 1982

Known for advancing students with learning challenges where other resources have failed. Brehm’s industry-leading expertise and uniquely holistic approach have resulted in a long history of successful outcomes that set the school apart. To start your child’s journey to success, contact us today.

Executive Function Training

Social Skills Training

21st Century Skills

Advocating Skills

Growth Mindset



Continumm of Care

Years Average Faculty Tenure

Teacher-to-Student Ratio



The faculty, staff, and administrators are passionate about their calling and our child has reaped those rewards. She has been challenged and supported by each of her amazing teachers. Our daughter has grown so much academically and socially. Thanks to OPTIONS, she has been given the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in an amazing nurturing environment. The formative experience in this wonderful school is unique in the country and is an exceptional value. I honestly don’t know if you can find a place where the teachers and staff love their students more. PhilParent

R. Greenlaw English

“Words cannot express our gratitude. Brehm has helped my son’s confidence in learning. His maturity and his grades reflect that he has excelled in the environment. He feels safe and loved by the staff members — they’ve treated him like family. Brehm not only educates a disabled child…they show love and concern.”  

S. Holm and K. Johnson

“We think the world of Brehm and can never thank the school and its experienced, committed faculty enough for reaching our daughter and giving her back to us as the lovely and gifted person she was intended to be. Without the emotional and academic foundation Brehm helped her build, she would not be pursuing her dreams.”

Armen, Brehm Alumnus

As the years go by, my family and I continue to reflect and agree attending Brehm was one of the best things done for me. The faculty are truly invested, and never stop providing insight and recourses to prepare one for success. Academically, Brehm lets you explore your strengths, from taking specific courses at Brehm while accommodating deficits, not by ignoring them. They spend extra time explaining material fitted for one's learning style and preparing one for self-learning post-graduation.


“My son made quantum leaps because of his speech classes and the social groups.”

E. Brill

“The special and individualized attention that our son has received at Brehm has been truly amazing. He has grown in so many ways during his first year at Brehm – academically, socially, personally – that we could hardly believe it was the same child who went off to school in the fall.”

A Behm

“Even if we had to give up all the academic support and advances, it would still be worth it for our family, just for the mental health aspect. Having Wyatt be around other students that are functioning at his level and have similar mindsets has been a life changing experience for all of us. His general disposition and outlook on life have greatly improved. As an added bonus, academically we have seen leaps and bounds of progress too!!”

Meet the Our Staff 

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Brehm Preparatory School is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) co-educational college preparatory day and boarding school for students with learning disabilities, founded in 1982. Brehm Preparatory School is located in Carbondale, Illinois. The school enrolls students in grades 6-12+. The average class size is eight in core content classes and 5 in learning cognition classes. Brehm’s student-teacher ratio is 6:1.