Brehm’s Boarding Program

Brehm’s Boarding Program is a vital component in keeping up with Brehm’s holistic model. In keeping with our mission, our boarding program supports the whole student and focuses on their complete development, so we are not only addressing the academics but also the social and emotional aspects that come with being a young adult with a learning disability. Students are assigned to dorms based on gender, age, and the level of hand-over-hand support the student needs. Our dorms provide a family-style and supportive environment where students feel safe to try, fail and try again.

Our dorms provide a family-style and supportive environment.

Our dorms provide a family-style and supportive environment.

Dorm Life

As students settle into one of five dorms, Brehm quickly becomes a “home away from home.” Each dorm features a kitchen and a spacious shared living area. In this comfortable, close-knit environment, staff and students become family.


Our recreation staff makes sure to plan plenty of opportunities to get students involved, to discover their passions, and to explore the area’s beauty and resources. Parent and student suggestions for activities are always welcomed.

Independent Living Skills

Through Brehm’s weekly social skills training and positive behavior system, students gain skills inproblem-solving , conflit resolution, expressionof feeling, coping strategies, and exectuive function skills

Boys Dorm Biking Club

Our structure gives students a sense of independence while maintaining 24 hr supervision.

Social Skills Sessions

Students learn to develop and maintain healthy relationships, interact appropriately in social settings and understand their own and dormmates’ personal challenges. We often remind our students, “Everyone here is working on creating the best version of themselves, including the staff.”

Independent Living Skills Coaching

From cleaning thier rooms to managing their free time. Students at Brehm get both the opportunities and assistance to achieve their personal level of independence. Our staff meets our students where they are to help shape them to be independent young adults. 

Shopping and Budgeting

Here at Brehm, students receive a weekly allowance from you, the parent. Based on your wants and needs for your student and our experience with them, we help the create and maintain a budget. We also have a Financial literacy course that focus on real-world money management. 

Family-Styled Weekend Meals

Being away from home can be tough for many of our students. Here at Brehm, we foster a family environment in many ways, one of the ways to family-style meals on the weekends and holidays. The meals are prepared by the student Life staff and sometimes even the students.


2-Person Bedrooms

Hours of independent living skills per week

Staff to Student Ratio

Meet the

Student Life Staff


S. Holm and K. Johnson

“We think the world of Brehm and can never thank the school and its experienced, committed faculty enough for reaching our daughter and giving her back to us as the lovely and gifted person she was intended to be. Without the emotional and academic foundation Brehm helped her build, she would not be pursuing her dreams.”


The faculty, staff, and administrators are passionate about their calling and our child has reaped those rewards. She has been challenged and supported by each of her amazing teachers. Our daughter has grown so much academically and socially. Thanks to OPTIONS, she has been given the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in an amazing nurturing environment. The formative experience in this wonderful school is unique in the country and is an exceptional value. I honestly don’t know if you can find a place where the teachers and staff love their students more. PhilParent

A Behm

“Even if we had to give up all the academic support and advances, it would still be worth it for our family, just for the mental health aspect. Having Wyatt be around other students that are functioning at his level and have similar mindsets has been a life changing experience for all of us. His general disposition and outlook on life have greatly improved. As an added bonus, academically we have seen leaps and bounds of progress too!!”

E. Brill

“The special and individualized attention that our son has received at Brehm has been truly amazing. He has grown in so many ways during his first year at Brehm – academically, socially, personally – that we could hardly believe it was the same child who went off to school in the fall.”


“My son made quantum leaps because of his speech classes and the social groups.”

Armen, Brehm Alumnus

As the years go by, my family and I continue to reflect and agree attending Brehm was one of the best things done for me. The faculty are truly invested, and never stop providing insight and recourses to prepare one for success. Academically, Brehm lets you explore your strengths, from taking specific courses at Brehm while accommodating deficits, not by ignoring them. They spend extra time explaining material fitted for one's learning style and preparing one for self-learning post-graduation.

R. Greenlaw English

“Words cannot express our gratitude. Brehm has helped my son’s confidence in learning. His maturity and his grades reflect that he has excelled in the environment. He feels safe and loved by the staff members — they’ve treated him like family. Brehm not only educates a disabled child…they show love and concern.”  

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