MediaWerks (aka Media Day) at SIU


MARCH, 2018

Brehm’s Transition Coordinator, Jamie Niman, along with three other staff members took a group of 30 Brehm students to Southern Illinois University on Friday, March 3rd, to attend MediaWerks (aka Media Day) at SIU’s College of Mass Communications and Media Arts.

Brehm students that attended were interested in pursuing college and career paths in different areas of media. The event included sessions that were focused on various subjects such as advertising, photography, video, writing, news and journalism.

The students experienced what it was like to be a part of a live newscast.

Photograph by Jamie Niman

Jamie Niman
Brehm Transition Coordinator

Session titles included:

  • 360 Filmmaking
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • News Production
  • Photo Lighting
  • Being a Journalist
  • Telling Stories in Ads
  • Newsroom
  • Typefate

“I enjoyed working in the newsroom.”

~Cole – Brehm Student

The exposure our students gained to the different media specializations was invaluable to their learning experience and exposure. They returned to Brehm’s campus energized and ready to move forward in the world of media.