​Coach Greg Douglas Honorary & Heritage Scholarship

Name of Scholarship: ​Coach Greg Douglas Honorary & Heritage Scholarship 

Champion of Scholarship:​  Greg Douglas 

Amount:​ $500

Purpose:​  The purpose of the scholarship is to honor and remember Coach Greg Douglas’ impact on Brehm and recognize other staff/faculty who have positively impacted Brehm.

Timeline and Duration:​  The scholarship is awarded annually with the potential for an unlimited duration. Scholarship applications will be emailed to students and their families during the second semester of the academic year. The deadline and award date will be announced when the applications are sent. To ensure you receive the scholarship application, make sure the Foundation has your current and preferred email address. To ensure you receive the application, please add ​foundationinfo@brehm.orgto your email contacts.

Terms and Conditions:​  The Coach Greg Douglas Honorary & Heritage Scholarship is a merit-based award where financial need is also considered.  Students are eligible to receive the award after their first year in either the Brehm Preparatory School or OPTIONS programs. To be eligible to apply, students should be making positive gains in all aspects of the Brehm or OPTIONS programs as evidenced by a Tier or PDR level and a positive recommendation from his/her advisor.  Additionally, all tuition payments for the current year should be up-to-date.  

Coach Greg Douglas Honorary & Heritage Scholarship Questions 

Applicants should submit answers to the following questions. 

Students can receive support; however, the writing and answers should be reflective of the applicant. The Assistance form must be submitted along with the answers to the Foundation Office. 

  1. Coach Douglas has a strong commitment to physical fitness and personal health. Describe how physical fitness is a part of your lifestyle. 
  2. Staff who work at Brehm and OPTIONS have a deep commitment to empowering students; describe how you have been personally empowered to reach your full potential since attending Brehm/OPTIONS. 

Submit your application and all required materials to Brehm Foundation –  Anné Westberry