Tyson Brehm Memorial Scholarship

Name of Scholarship: Tyson Brehm Memorial Scholarship

Amount Awarded: ​Varies 

Purpose: The purpose of the scholarship is to honor the memory of Tyson Brehm, a graduate of Brehm School and the beloved son of the founder, Carol Brehm. This need-based scholarship was established to provide a local (southern Illinois) student the opportunity to attend Brehm Preparatory School or OPTIONS Transitions to Independence. Desired applicants are those that will add diversity to the population of Brehm, and will be of an underrepresented group on the campus.

Amount Awarded: TBD annually based on available funding.

Timeline and Duration: Applications for the annual scholarship are reviewed upon receipt and will remain open until filled. Eligible applications are considered depending upon the timing of submission and availability of the Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Committee.

Terms and Conditions: The Tyson Brehm Memorial Scholarship is a need-based scholarship. Newly enrolled or returning students are eligible to receive the award.

Eligibility Determination: This scholarship is need-based and has specific criteria as it relates to eligibility. Qualified candidates will be identified through FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) applications. Students’ families who meet the criteria for tuition assistance and also meet the stated criteria for the Tyson Brehm Scholarship will be considered as eligible.  The recommended student(s) by the reviewers of FAST applications will compile the names of the students, along with a short synopsis of the students experiences and personal situation, as indicated from the FAST to present to the Scholarship Committee, and the donor, in order to determine the best recipient.