Hitting the Re-set Button

A Holistic Boarding Environment

Experience shows that a holistic, boarding school environment is the most effective way for students and their parents to “hit the reset button.” At Brehm, students with persistent learning challenges finally experience success — they learn new skills, establish new patterns of behavior, and gain fresh perspectives that foster breakthroughs in self-awareness, self-confidence, and independent learning.

“It was the change of scene that changed everything, the start of my journey to self-awareness.”

Less frustrated students also contribute to happier home environments. Brehm’s Faculty Advisors relieve parents of many of the stresses inherent in coordinating the resources required to care for a child with learning differences.

A safe, supportive home
away from home

A Nurturing Community

As students settle in, Brehm quickly becomes their “home away from home.” Separate boys and girls dormitories are each staffed with Dorm Parents, supported by Dorm Assistants, Tutors, and Recreation Staff.

In this close-knit environment, staff and students become family, with each member responsible and accountable to the others. Individual personalities and progress are celebrated daily.

Through the boarding program’s weekly social-skills training, students gain skills in problem-solving, conflict resolution, expression of feelings, coping strategies, and executive function skills. Daily activities provide both faculty and staff countless real-life teachable moments.

A holistic, healthy approach

Structured daily activities keep students focused.

Each thoughtfully structured day provides individualized monitoring and care for students on a round-the-clock basis. The day begins with an early morning exercise class and a family-style breakfast, followed by school and after-school activities. Most evenings, students eat together in the dining hall, where healthy meals are a focus.

“ My favorite thing is looking back and seeing what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come.”

By attending to students’ academic, social, and emotional needs, in combination with this uniquely immersive environment, Brehm’s student outcomes continually raise the bar in special education.