River to River Farm


JULY, 2018

Brehm students visited Tam and John Pirmann at River to River Farm in Tunnel Hill!  Tam gave us a tour of the barn with the milking stand for their goats.  She told us about their milk and how they kept their goats safe and cared for from the fields to the barn.  We were all eager to see them! Tam let us rotate into the gated area in groups, giving us food to entice the goats to get closer.  Many students found they had favorites among the herd.

After hanging out with goats, Tam led us on a path to talk about the organic crops they grow.  She and John set up a station in the shade for us to sample some of the products. We washed our hands thoroughly with the goats’ milk soap and watched a demo on making goat cheese.  We drank mint water, looked at products, and paired up to create our goat cheese. It was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot from this trip!

Jamie Niman
Summer Experiential Coordinator

What students had to say:

Jackie: We made goat cheese, and it was really good!

Max: I love goats.  Button is my favorite – she is funny!

Lilia: I love the cheese!  It was so good. It was pretty easy to make, like 2 steps, and good to understand.

Evanelie: Making goat cheese was fun and tasted good. My favorite was feeding the goats.  I liked the baby goats the most.