Teacher to Student Ratio in Classrooms

The Teacher to student Ration at Brehm is 1 teacher for every 6 students in every classroom. 

Faculty Members with Advanced Degrees

Brehm offers supervision and care for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Full-time Speech & Language Pathologist

Each teacher has a minimum of 12 years of curriculum for each student. 

A Comprehensive and Individualized Curriculum

Fully Accredited College Preparatory Program

Brehm recognizes that each student is unique and must find his or her individual pathway to academic, social, and emotional success. Following a careful review of the student’s data and academic history, an Individualized Holistic Education Plan is designed around the way each student learns best.

The academic curriculum includes traditional core subjects, computer science, Spanish, physical education, fine arts, and learning cognition. Students are trained to use the latest assistive technology and software. Many students also enroll in the innovative Arrowsmith Program at Brehm, a breakthrough learning methodology that uses intensive cognitive exercises to restore and strengthen learning pathways in the brain.

Certified faculty and staff work with students to monitor progress toward individual goals, leveraging individual strengths into a comprehensive program.  Brehm students graduate with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners.

Specialized therapeutic and speech-language solutions

All academic tiers are strongly supported by the additional therapy and instruction provided in pull-out sessions with speech-language pathologists, assistive technology instructors, and the clinical team.

Three full-time speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and special education faculty work to develop reading, writing, verbal communication skills, pragmatic language, metacognitive processing, and social skills.  Instructors use specialized methodology such as the multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham Approach, considered the gold standard for teaching reading to students with dyslexia.



Brehm Faculty working with LD students

Academic Departments

Arrowsmith Student

The Arrowsmith Program

Arrowsmith Student

Speech & Language 

Flexible, tiered, academic scheduling

Students also benefit from the flexibility of a multi-tiered academic program in which they advance at their own pace as they gain mastery of each subject.

There are three tiers: Remedial Classes for math, reading, and writing; Modified Classes, which serve as a bridge between remedial and standard tiers and include math, reading, writing and core classes; and Standard Courses for students working at grade level.  Instructors of these classes are certified in each class’s content area and work with students to meet state standards and develop academic competencies that will prepare them for college expectations and the adult world.

Curriculum tiers are fluid — students may shift between them depending on their mastery level. For example, one student may be scheduled for remedial reading, modified writing, and social studies, along with standard math and science classes.

An Enriched Curriculum Produces Well-Rounded Students.

Vibrant enrichment and recreational programs engage students both on and off-campus in structured activities. Brehm students not only have fun, they grow culturally and emotionally, set and achieve goals, and learn to work collaboratively. They also develop new social and self-advocacy skills, gain self-esteem and gain momentum for a lifetime of success.

The Carbondale and nearby St. Louis communities provide a rich array of educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities. Students can also participate in individual lessons and community-based programs, such as horseback riding and martial arts. Vibrant working relationships with nearby Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) and numerous community partners round out the school’s extraordinary range of programs and resources.


    • Enrichment and recreational programs activities include yearbook, prom, theater, international trips, and a dynamic Summer Outdoor Adventure Program.
    • Weekday activities focus on the Brehm campus, clubs, and community, from swimming and skating to Art Club and cooking.
    • On weekends, students enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as camping, sporting events, or visiting St. Louis cultural attractions.