Student Life Staff

Student Life Staff includes our Dorm Parents, Assistants, Tutors, and Recreation staff, as well as the Student Life Supervisors.  When students walk through our doors, they become part of a close-knit and supportive campus family. This team helps to ensure that our students thrive in their boarding life.

Aaron Lee, B.S.

Director of Student Life

Start Date: 1993

“Changing the world one kid at a time is what inspires me.”

Aaron Lee has been a part of Brehm since 1993. Aaron has always been a community advocate in many different aspects; he serves on the Executive Board of the Autism Society of Southern Illinois, he is a member of the American Association for People with Disabilities, the Regional Director of Mid-America Youth Basketball and the founder of Titans Foundation and Skills Academy.

Kenya Govan, M.S.Ed.

Director of Student Life, Dorm Parent

Start Date: 2009

“I love working at Brehm because of the students.”

Kenya Govan joined the Brehm family in 2009 as a member of the boarding staff. She has held various positions during her time at Brehm from Dorm Parent to her current role as the Associate Director of Student Life.

Kenya received her Bachelor of Science in criminal justice with a minor in sociology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She also earned a master’s of science in education – Specialization in Adult Education at SIUC.



Elizabeth Casten, A.S.

Dorm Parent

Start Date: 2003

“I like knowing that I am helping the students and the families that come to Brehm. I want to help the students be the best that they can be.“

Elizabeth Casten joined the Brehm family in 2003 on the Boarding side of the program. Elizabeth’s positive outlook and motherly vibe make her a perfect dorm parent.

Elizabeth received an Associate’s Degree in Social Work from John A. Logan College.

Sean McGahan, B.A.

Dorm Parent

Start Date: 2015

“I like the opportunity to work closely with a diverse group of people from across the world who have phenomenal skills and abilities to shape the future of this planet.”

Sean McGahan joined the Brehm family as a dorm parent in 2015. In addition to working at Brehm, he is also an instructor of history, government, civics, and career exploration at Carbondale’s Alternative High School, and serves as a board member of African International Foundation for Educational Excellence. Prior to Brehm, Sean worked in youth services for almost a decade. He formerly served as chairman of the Positive Youth Development Coalition and as a member of Jackson County Healthy Communities Coalition.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

LaNeal Nance, A.S.

Dorm Parent

Start Date: 2012

“Working at Brehm has allowed me to watch our students grow and see how I can make a huge impact on their lives. It is heartwarming to see some of yourself in a student (catchphrases, posture, quotes, handshakes, dance moves, interest, etc..)”

LaNeal Nance joined Student Life as a member of the recreation staff in 2012. He also helps in the Physical Education classes every morning at Brehm. His experience in the Illinois Army National Guard makes him a great role model for our students in regards to their physical fitness.

LaNeal received his associate’s degree from John A. Logan College and is currently pursuing his bachelors at Southern Illinois University for industrial design & mechanical engineering.

Ana Ramirez, A.A.

Lead Assistant Dorm Parent

Start Date: 2016

“The opportunity to be part of the journey of these young people, to help them reach their goals and see them grow is what makes working at Brehm so rewarding.”

Ana Ramirez started at Brehm in 2016. Prior to Brehm, she worked as the assistant to the program director for a summer camp. She was involved in planning, organizing, and training of the staff. Her current Role at Brehm is Lead Assistant Dorm Parent.

Ana received an Associate’s Degree from John A. Logan College in Arts.