Teachers and More

Brehm’s teaching staff has an average of 12 years in the development and delivery of curriculum for students with learning differences. Brehm is extremely dedicated to providing the faculty with on-going training and support for education. The faculty is required to attend a minimum of three inservices or workshops each year.

Brehm’s teachers are certified and trained in multi-sensory teaching techniques that compliment the learning styles of their students:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Tactile

Brehm instructors improve their skills with continuing education classes — most hold advanced degrees or are in the process of pursuing high education.

Brehm maintains a 1:5.7 teacher-to-student ratio. Instructional aides or co-teaching are available for classes that require the additional support or a smaller teacher-to-student ratio.

Many faculty members have been spokespersons at local, state, and national conferences. Some have had writings published in national journals and magazines.