Parent Testimonials

“From the bottom of my heart I can’t begin to express what this experience has done for Mike and our family. It has brought us even closer. Michael has made so much progress in less than a year, his communication skills are unbelievable. Brehm is my life saver.”

— N. Glorioso


“The special and individualized attention that our son has received at Brehm has been truly amazing. He has grown in so many ways during his first year at Brehm – academically, socially, personally – that we could hardly believe it was the same child who went off to school in the fall.”

— E. Brill


“My daughter has a bright future because she was able to attend Brehm. She not only received an excellent education but self-confidence, maturity, social skills and friends she will keep for life. The entire staff was beside her all the way from the day she arrived until graduation day.”

— S. Vinson


My son made quantum leaps because of his speech classes and the social groups.”

— D. Morgan


Words cannot express our gratitude. Brehm has helped my son’s confidence in learning. His maturity and his grades reflect that he has excelled in the environment. He feels safe and loved by the staff members — they’ve treated him like family. Brehm not only educates a disabled child…they show love and concern.”

— R. Greenlaw English


We think the world of Brehm and can never thank the school and its experienced, committed faculty enough for reaching our daughter and giving her back to us as the lovely and gifted person she was intended to be. Without the emotional and academic foundation Brehm helped her build, she would not be pursuing her dreams.”

— S. Holm and K. Johnson


I was hesitant to send my middle-schooler to a boarding school, but it soon became evident that it was the best choice we could have made. At Brehm he has had great adult role models, a peer group, clear, consistent structure, and school resources in place that you frequently have to fight tooth and nail for in public settings. I am so very proud of who he is today. I think he is the best version of himself that he has ever been, and I look forward to even greater gains in him as he matures through Brehm.”

— K. Bradtke


We cannot say enough about Brehm. Our daughter, who had a 1st grade reading level when she arrived at Brehm near the end of her 6th grade year, has now graduated and is being considered for nursing programs. Our wonderful lawyer told us ‘Once you get her to Brehm, they will do the rest.’ She was totally right. The faculty and staff at Brehm made our daughter’s dreams of learning become a reality.”

— R. and R. Enlow

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