Brehm’s first poetry group or “The Poetry Project,” met last Wednesday for the first time. Students delivered original works, watched poetry slams, and gave support to each other. We brainstormed and mapped out a long-term goal for the group; original, performed readings to be read and performed for the Talent Show and a second performance at Spring parents’ weekend. Student’s will continue developing, revamping, and reciting every Wednesday.

The Poetry Project offers students a venue to share their thoughts through spoken word in a powerful and provocative delivery in a secure, non-threatening environment. Whether the works are honing in on personal struggles, social issues, disabilities, experiences (happy or sad) or with humor, the recitations are sure to touch and inspire any audience. The students are engaged and willing to take risks that expose their true feelings and emotions, but in a poetic measure. It is certainly becoming an opportunity where students can speak their minds unfettered!