Holistic Learning | Grades 6 -12

Feel the Heart of a Small Boarding School

Brehm is a safe place for your child to explore authenticity, feel the empowerment of neurodiversity, and develop lifelong skills.

Find Wonder
Be Courageous
Achieve Your Goals
Find Your Direction
Find Your Passion
Find Joy
Be You

A Message from the Head of School

Rejuvenate Hope and Awaken Potential

Where Curiosity Finds Passion

We believe that nurturing your child's unique potential is a collective effort.

We create a community where students, parents, staff, and loved ones work together to encourage curiosity and connect students with their passions. Living one's passion begins the journey toward happiness and self-expression.

Over the years, the Brehm family has consistently been the environment where students can rediscover something remarkable, possibly forgotten, providing them with the opportunity to initiate unprecedented growth in various aspects of their lives.

A Message from our Parents, Students, and Staff

A Safe Place to Broaden Future Possibilities

Brehm is truly like a family. My son is living his best life while going to school. If your child has struggled in school, Brehm is a place for them to succeed!!

Brehm Parent

Brehm Parent

This school has been life-changing for my son.  He went from no prospects or hope to being excited for his future.  I am so grateful for Brehm!

Brehm Parent

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The environment is so welcoming, you don't feel like you are away from home; Brehm feels like it's your second home.

Brehm Student

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Accreditations & Partnerships

Together, Let’s Explore if Brehm Is the Right Fit for Your Child

Connecting with a boarding school that understands your child's needs can be daunting.

Reach out to our team of experts to discover how Brehm stands apart, offering a secure and nurturing environment, fostering holistic growth and development.

We Dedicate our Focus to these Outcomes

With heart and expertise, we equip your child to meet the world as a young adult.

We recognize that success in life extends beyond textbooks and exams.

A Courageous Participant in Life







A Growth Minded Explorer




Problem solving strategies


Knowledge and skills

A Social and Emotional Advocate

Social awareness

Respectful relationships



Responsible decision making

Positive personal presentation

A Contributing Community Member

Independent living skills

Executive functioning strategies

Communication skills


Knowledge of resources

Talent or skill to share

A Kind and Compassionate Individual

Active listeners




Perspective taker


A Place Where Students Make the Difference

We support students in achieving their dreams by celebrating their unique strengths and abilities through our inclusive, holistic approach.

Academics Program

Think, Learn, Grow

Discover our dynamic and diverse approach designed to engage students and support their academic progress.

At Brehm Preparatory School, we believe in providing an individualized and holistic education that empowers students with learning disabilities and learning differences—offered by certified teachers who work tirelessly to find each student's talent and gifts.

Recreation Program

Play, Laugh, Connect

At Brehm Preparatory School we offer both on and off-campus activities. We believe in the importance of providing extensive recreational activities that promote personal growth, social interaction, and a balanced lifestyle for our students.

Through our recreation program, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of structured activities that cater to their interests and preferences.

Private Boarding Program

Live, Belong, Become Independent

Being a smaller boarding program, we offer a caring and structured environment to prepare students for life beyond the classroom.

We understand that transitioning to independent living can be challenging for students with learning disabilities and differences.

Our program uses a cognitive apprenticeship framework to teach independent living skills. We provide students with lifelong strategies inclusive of time management, organization, self-advocacy, and personal responsibility.

Specialized Services Tailored
for Each Student

We address the complexity of learning through our holistic and collaborative approach.

Speech & Language

Communication is vital for academic, social, vocational, and personal success, whether it is speaking with others or thinking to ourselves. Verbal and nonverbal language underpin the ability to understand the world and learn.

Our integrated Speech-Language program provides targeted support for students to improve language processing, social communication skills, and auditory processing.

Arrowsmith Program

A program that is focused on the ability for your brain to become more effective and efficient.

Research on neuroplasticity shows that the brain continues to grow and change in response to targeted interventions.

As the only boarding school in America to provide this program, we are able to optimize the cognitive restructuring outcomes for students in our 24/7 program.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Brehm knows the importance of belonging, feeling safe, and learning how to navigate the social and emotional landscape of neurodiversity— awareness of social skills and management of emotional well-being are critical for our students' happiness and success.  

Brehm provides opportunities to learn these skills in the SEL classroom, in every social interaction, and in each teachable moment.

The Brehm Campus

A Snapshot of Our Community


Years of empowering students


Average tenure of Brehm Faculty

30 - 60

Population of our student body

6th - 12th

Grades served on the Brehm Prep Campus

11 - 21

Ages of our student body


Classroom teacher-to-student ratio


Dorm student life staff-to-student ratio


Acres of ponds, fields, and trees

In the heartland, Carbondale, Illinois borders the Shawnee National Forest and many other natural wonders.

We Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Join us in listening to dreams, finding new pathways of hope, and celebrating the strengths that open new possibilities for your child.

Advance reading fluency and comprehension

Achieve greater focus and engagement

Learn to enjoy math and writing

Get in touch with how you learn

Find deep and lasting friendships

Enrich your brilliance and talents

Acquire life-long strategies to meet goals

Direct your emotions and energy toward positive results

Embrace and express your authentic self

Start a Conversation

Connect with one of our staff to see if Brehm is the right fit for your child and your family.

Discovery Session

Schedule a discovery session with our Head of School to learn about Brehm and our holistic approach.


Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We're here to support you in every way possible and provide the information you need.


We're delighted to connect with you over a call. Reach out anytime between Monday and Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM to talk with one of our expert staff.