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Known for advancing students with learning challenges where other resources have failed. Brehm’s industry-leading expertise and uniquely holistic approach have resulted in a long history of successful outcomes that set the school apart. To start your child’s journey to success, contact us today.

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Trip to St Louis Zoo
Trip to St Louis Zoo
Trip to St Louis Zoo



85% of Students that attend Brehm go on to attend a post-secondary program.

Continuum of Care

Brehm offers supervision and care for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Years of Curriculum

12 years in the development and delivery of curriculum for students with learning differences.

Teacher to Student Ratio

The teacher to student ratio at Brehm is 1 teacher for every 6 students.



Unique Classroom Environments

The classroom environments at Brehm are designed to work with and are adaptable to the students learning profile. 

Robust Recreation Program

Brehm’s Recreation activities range from on-campus fishing to overnight trips outside of Carbondale.

Family-Styled dorm life

Our boarding program has a family-styled dorm life while still teaching vital independent living skills. 

Brehm Farm

The Brehm Farm allows our students to have experience working closely with animal while also opening to the door to career paths that would otherwise be unavaulable.



Speech and Language

Brehm Speech-Language Pathologists work to enhance student lives by improving their ability to navigate the world.

Arrowsmith Program

Brehm’s Arrowsmith Program is highly individualized  program that is grounder in the principles of nueroplasticity.

Empowering Since 1982

Since 1982, Brehm Preparatory School has been empowering students with learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their potential. Designed around how each child learns best, an Individualized Holistic Education Plan (IHEP) integrates cognitive, academic, social, and behavioral strategies into a comprehensive program designed to educate the whole child.

Brehm’s caring, highly qualified faculty and staff welcome students in grades 6 through 12+ into a dynamic new learning environment brimming with optimism. Working quickly to break down barriers, build trust, and rebuild self-confidence, they embrace students in a nurturing boarding school environment where each child feels accepted and supported.

This holistic experience produces students with the tools, skills, and confidence to become effective self-advocates and independent learners able to succeed in school, find fulfilling careers, and lead balanced, multi-faceted lives.




The faculty, staff, and administrators are passionate about their calling and our child has reaped those rewards. She has been challenged and supported by each of her amazing teachers. Our daughter has grown so much academically and socially. Thanks to OPTIONS, she...

Armen, Brehm Alumnus

As the years go by, my family and I continue to reflect and agree attending Brehm was one of the best things done for me. The faculty are truly invested, and never stop providing insight and recourses to prepare one for success. Academically, Brehm lets you explore...

A Behm

“Even if we had to give up all the academic support and advances, it would still be worth it for our family, just for the mental health aspect. Having Wyatt be around other students that are functioning at his level and have similar mindsets has been a life changing...

S. Holm and K. Johnson

“We think the world of Brehm and can never thank the school and its experienced, committed faculty enough for reaching our daughter and giving her back to us as the lovely and gifted person she was intended to be. Without the emotional and academic foundation Brehm...

R. Greenlaw English

“Words cannot express our gratitude. Brehm has helped my son’s confidence in learning. His maturity and his grades reflect that he has excelled in the environment. He feels safe and loved by the staff members — they’ve treated him like family. Brehm not only educates...


“My son made quantum leaps because of his speech classes and the social groups.”

E. Brill

“The special and individualized attention that our son has received at Brehm has been truly amazing. He has grown in so many ways during his first year at Brehm – academically, socially, personally – that we could hardly believe it was the same child who went off to...
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