Speech & Language

What do Helen Keller, King George the VI, and Brehm students have in common? They all benefited from hard-working, creative communication teachers. Born blind and deaf, Keller learned to speak, write, and read. King George overcame a stutter and conquered his fear of public speaking. And Brehm students have advanced skills and self-confidence through the services of Brehm’s credentialed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs).

Aspects of many Learning Disabilities (LDs) can be remediated through Speech and Language, which is why it has been part of the bedrock of the Brehm program from its inception. For example, a reading comprehension LD may have roots in delayed vocabulary development, made worse by poor memory; a written expression disability may be based in poor language organization skills.

Students with autism have varying levels of “theory of mind.” A word-finding deficit may impact a student both in the classroom and socially. Therefore, 95% of Brehm students automatically receive Speech-Language services typically of 100-150 minutes per week at no extra cost.

What Speech and Language Pathologists Do

Brehm Speech-Language Pathologists work to enhance student lives by improving their ability to navigate the world, find social and academic success, discover their strengths, and heal their self-esteem. Many students come to Brehm with unique learning and functional challenges which may have eluded previous interventions.

Social Pragmatics
Reading situations and people, advocating, and conversing

Word, sentence, paragraph meaning, reading, writing, literacy

Problem-solving, executive function, attention, and memory

Hearing acuity and auditory processing

Articulation, fluency, and voice

Given Brehm’s holistic approach and outstanding interdisciplinary communication, SLPs access an extensive range of student data and professional perspectives. This comprehensive analysis results in highly tailored, creative, effective treatment approaches.

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