Core Curriculum

Cross-curricular competencies are embedded within the development of the Brehm Curriculum and in alignment of the Common Core Standards. Mastery of these interdisciplinary competencies is intended to promote successful school, workplace, and community performance.

Acquiring Information through reading and listening

Communicating through speech, visual presentation, and writing

Reasoning by using critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies

Self-management and executive functioning strategies for engagement and resilience

An Individualized Holistic Education Plan

The student profile drives the holistic plan.

Brehm faculty are experts who deeply understand each student’s history, strengths, challenges, and visions. They work in collaboration with all parts of the program.

Each of our students has a unique profile.  We create a student profile to understand and personalize the holistic learning design to accomplish growth, celebration, and investment.  Most behavioral issues diminish when a student feels known, accepted, and successful.

Embracing a Holistic Approach Considers the Entirety of the Child’s Development

The advisor champions each student's hero journey. They coordinate individualized holistic planning, dissemination of information, implementation of the plan, and they advocate for the necessary resources to achieve the best outcomes.

Academic Courses

Learning is complex, students are unique, and not every teaching style fits. That's why expertise and experience make all the difference.


Improvements in reading and writing abilities lead to increased self-esteem, which, in turn, motivates further engagement in literacy-related activities and skill development. This is why our main objective is to program for student success in alignment with Common Core Standards.

Reading Standards

Writing Standards

Speaking and Listening

Language Standards

Foundational Skills

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Studying science is crucial for understanding the natural world, fostering curiosity, and promoting critical thinking, innovation, and lifelong learning.

Our science curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standard Brehm’s science curriculum focuses on three dimensions:

Science and Engineering Practices

Disciplinary Core Ideas

Crosscutting Concepts

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Social Studies

Help students understand their world through the perspective of the past, present, and future. By teaching students about democratic principles, civic responsibilities, and the rights and obligations of citizens, they can become responsible citizens.

Historical Events and Periods

Geographic Regions and Concepts

Government Structures and Functions

Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives

Civic engagement and Citizenship Responsibilities

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Mathematics is often a source of anxiety and frustration due to past failures. We help empower students to develop an internal locus of control and develop a growth mindset while attending to the Common Core Standards.






Trigonometry and other advanced math topics

Statistics, data manipulation, and probability

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Brehm staff believe that special subjects are crucial for our students to develop strengths that may not lie in traditional academics. These course offerings are tailored to the students interests and passions.

Skill Development

Exploration of Interests

Personal Growth and Confidence

Diversification of Learning

Preparation for Future Pathways

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Brehm's program is designed to provide 24/7 instruction with each teachable moment. Executive functioning strategies, advocacy skills, and social-emotional management are taught with explicit intent in the Learning Cognition, Speech and Language, and SEL classes. Students practice these skills across the program and receive further direct instruction and reinforcement.

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