Boarding Program

A family-style living environment designed to teach life skills, increase independence, and prepare students for adulthood.

Live, Belong, Become Independent

Our structure gives students a sense of independence while maintaining 24-hour supervision. Brehm’s Boarding Program is a vital component in keeping with Brehm’s holistic model.

Aligning with our mission, our boarding program supports the whole student and focuses on their complete development, so we are not only addressing the academics but also the social and emotional aspects that come with being a young adult.

If I had to describe my four years at Brehm, it would be 'growth.' I've developed significantly, supported by mentors and friends who I'll cherish forever. The Brehm team is caring. Everyone, from teachers to staff, genuinely cares about students' well-being, far beyond just a job.

Brehm Student

Boarding Program Highlights

Choosing a small boarding environment for an immersion experience for students with academic challenges offers several advantages.

A Small Boarding Environment

A small boarding school provides students with a supportive, structured, and enriching educational experience that promotes academic growth, personal development, and lifelong success.

Personalized Attention

In a small boarding setting, students benefit from personalized attention in learning and living experiences with support from teachers, staff, and peers.  When students know they have caring adults and peers who believe in them, they are more likely to feel confident to explore new opportunities for improvement. The small nurturing staff-to-student ratio accomplishes significant outcomes.

Community Support

Our small boarding school is a close-knit community where students feel known and find a sense of belonging made easy by our accepting culture. It is a perfect place to find authenticity, experience personal growth, and practice self-awareness.

Structured Environment

Our small boarding school provides a structured and consistent daily routine that is hard to match elsewhere. A predictable environment reduces anxiety and helps students feel safe, plan, organize, and participate meaningfully.

24/7 Learning Opportunities

Boarding schools offer immersive learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting. Increased opportunities for teachable moments and consistency are critical.

Holistic Support Services

Our small boarding school embraces the wraparound services needed for student development. These services address the diverse needs of students and help them overcome academic challenges while fostering independence and self-advocacy.

Dorm Living

Our Dorm Parents are a dedicated team of professionals who meet students where they are in terms of the level of support they require while preparing them for independence.

Dorm parents ensure your child is well-balanced, supported, and challenged. The Dorm Parents’ primary focus is on independent living skills such as:

Room Cleanliness

Daily Chores


Meal preparation


Self Advocacy

Healthy Relationships

Time Management

Self Care

Respect and Intgerity

Proactive Communication

Social Emotional Learning

Weekly Social Skills

Our weekly Social Skills meetings, facilitated by Dorm Parents in each dorm, focus on our students’ social challenges that may impede learning.

The curriculum teaches students self-advocacy skills, how to initiate and appropriately end conversations, resolve conflict, distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships, maintain appropriate boundaries, recognize and pick up on verbal and nonverbal social cues, prepare for job interviews, budgeting (wants vs. needs) and a host of other topics and strategies.

Stress Management

Peer Relationships and Social Media

Peer Pressure and Influence

Healthy Personal Relationships

Emotional Regulation

Empathy and Perspective-Taking

Campus Forum

There is also a weekly Campus Collaboration meeting with administration, teachers, and students. Topics range from upcoming events to campus concerns, leadership, and character building. This weekly meeting builds a stronger Brehm community and culture, emphasizing student agency and self-advocacy.

Stellar Bear Behavior System

The use of Brehm Bucks to acknowledge daily expectations objectively measures behavior during and after the academic day. The positive reward system allows students to earn money that can be redeemed to purchase plans that allow additional privileges.

The Stellar Bear Behavior system provides opportunities for students to receive staff support until independence can be achieved. It rewards responsible behavior and provides accurate feedback to students and parents in preparation moving toward independence and community citizenship.

Together, Let’s Explore if Brehm Is the Right Fit for Your Child

Connecting with a boarding school that understands your child's needs can be daunting.

Reach out to our team of experts to discover how Brehm stands apart, offering a secure and nurturing environment, fostering holistic growth and development.

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