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Brehm welcomes students into a transformative learning environment. In our inclusive community, each child is supported by a highly-qualified, caring team of experts: teachers and tutors, speech-language pathologists, dorm staff, medical and clinical specialists, and recreation staff. Together, we rebuild. We restore. We watch our students succeed.

We offer a unique blend of holistic methodologies delivered by an industry-leading team of experts, the majority with advanced degrees and decades of experience. An average staff-to-student ratio of just 1:5 enables ample individual attention. Our faculty and staff collaborate to provide a 24/7 continuum of care.

Terri Douglas

Head of School

Terri Douglas has lived the Brehm Mission for over 30 years. With a master’s degree in education and administration, she brings a wealth of expertise and talent to the Head of School position. Terri has 15 years of experience in the classroom teaching elementary and high school students and 20 years of administrative experience as a principal, associate head of school, and head of education. As the principal of Brehm, she chaired four ISACS accreditations and collaborated with numerous districts across the country to implement individualized education plans for district-funded students.

With a steadfast belief that all students can learn given the appropriate education, she champions the rights of families and students to receive an equitable, holistic, and personalized education. Terri’s leadership has made lasting footprints in Brehm’s journey to accomplish the extraordinary. Her passion and energy to find breakthrough solutions, build value, lift up trust, and ensure sustainability is contagious.¬†

Terri believes when one finds their passion and fit, they live with joy and gratitude. Education and family are her passion. Engaging in creative learning projects with her 11 grandchildren, providing reading lessons, and attending their school events is a gift. Being absorbed in professional development, lap swimming, and long walks revive her creative process and clarity of purpose and direction.

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