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Brehm Preparatory School continually strives to keep up with the latest research and cutting-edge practices to best serve students and their families. In 2014, Brehm became the first boarding school in the U.S. to offer the Arrowsmith Program®. Integrated into Brehm’s robust curriculum, Arrowsmith complements the school’s holistic approach and is enhanced by an array of support services.

Arrowsmith is grounded in two established principles of research. The first is that different areas of the brain working together are responsible for complex mental activities, such as reading or writing. If a weakness is present in one area, a number of different learning processes can be affected. Second is the principle of neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to physically change or adapt in response to stimuli and activities.

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Students working in Arrowsmith Classroom

We came to Brehm because of the integrated Arrowsmith Program. They do an amazing job helping students hone their strengths and skills.”

Brehm Parent

Cognitive Exercise Makes All the Difference

The Arrowsmith Program has decades of experience demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen learning capacities through a program of targeted cognitive exercises designed to improve verbal and mathematical reasoning, and conceptual understanding.

As the brain responds to these exercises, new neuropathways are formed and developed. Over time, new areas of the brain learn to work better together. This process of rewiring the brain by forming new connections is neuroplasticity in action. By retraining areas of inefficiency, students become more effective learners.

Tailored for the Individual

The Arrowsmith program is highly individualized. Each student’s initial assessment results are analyzed to identify the specific weak cognitive functions that should be targeted. From this information, an Initial Learning Profile (ILP) is developed, which outlines the personal exercise curriculum required to strengthen the weakened areas. Trained Arrowsmith instructors assess student progress and engagement daily.

While outcomes vary, results from the Arrowsmith Program at Brehm have been truly dramatic for many of our students ~ Terri Douglas, Head of School

 Highly Qualified Staff and On-going Support

The Arrowsmith Instructors at Brehm undergo intensive and continual training in the Arrowsmith protocol. Highly-specialized and deeply caring, these instructors serve as mentors to their students throughout the program.

To learn more about the research behind this innovative program, visit arrowsmithschool.org/neuroplastic.

We also recommend the book, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain, by the program’s founder, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young.