Boys Dorm Biking Club

Weekday Recreation

Weekday activities vary widely and may include swimming, hiking, jogging, paintball, Art Club, flag football, bowling, fishing, billiards, tennis, basketball, soccer, cooking, skating, and volunteer opportunities.

Boys Dorm Biking Club

Weekend Recreation

Weekend recreation allows for more involved activities such as camping, hiking, trips to St. Louis sites such as the zoo and museums, water parks, sporting events, and Southern Illinois University-sponsored events (opera, theater, ballet, lectures, and more).

Recreation Program

Extensive Recreational Activities and Clubs.

Our Recreation program allows students to participate in structured activities where they may learn a new skill, develop balance in their social interactions, increase self-esteem, gain new experiences and increase their awareness of leisure resources to help them develop culturally and grow emotionally.
By scheduling recreational activities in the community, we can teach our students social awareness and allow for communication and opportunities to use skills they have learned in the dorms and classrooms in the mainstream environment. Staff is available for in-the-moment learning on social communication and perspective taking. Our Recreation program is student-driven; therefore, we encourage students to advocate for activities or events they enjoy. Rec activities take place four times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Extensive Recreational Activities and Clubs.

Brehm has extensive Recreational Activities and Clubs. Some take place on our 100 acre campus, and others are with our community partners. Students select and participate in a recreational activity that they choose every day after school and at least one activity each day of the weekend. The Recreation Coordinator, in collaboration with the recreation staff, monitor student activities. Parent and student suggestions for activities are always welcome.

Adriana Coleman

Adriana Coleman

Recreational Coordinator



On Campus Jenga

On Campus Activities

Of Campus Farm

Off Campus Activities

Out-Off Town Trips

Trip to St Louis Zoo

Out of Country Trips

Giant City Riding Lessons

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons and recreations are also available for those with interests that go extend beyond what Brehm can provide on campus. They include but are not limited to

  • Horseback Riding
  • Private Art Lessons
  • Musical Instrument  Lesson
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Tennis Lessons and more.

Community-based programs such as boxing, personal training, dance, fitness, and martial arts are available.