Recreational Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Recreational Activities, Clubs, and Athletics

Students have fun, develop balance in their social interactions, increase their self-esteem, gain new experiences, learn to plan and set goals, increase their awareness of leisure resources, and develop culturally and emotionally.

Brehm has extensive Recreational Activities and Clubs. Some take place on our 100 acre campus, and others are with our community partners. Students select and participate in a recreational activity that they choose every day after school and at least one activity each day of the weekend. The Recreation Coordinator, in collaboration with the recreation staff, monitor student activities. Parent and student suggestions for activities are always welcome.

Weekday activities vary widely and may include swimming, hiking, jogging, paintball, Art Club, flag football, bowling, fishing, billiards, tennis, basketball, soccer, cooking, skating, and volunteer opportunities.

Weekend recreation allows for more involved activities such as camping, hiking, trips to St. Louis sites such as the zoo and museums, water parks, sporting events, and Southern Illinois University sponsored events (opera, theater, ballet, lectures, and more).

Individual lessons are also available. They include horseback riding, art and lab classes, guitar, piano, voice, drum, tennis lessons and more. There are also community-based programs available such as boxing, personal training, dance, fitness, and martial arts.

Students also enjoy participating in local events and festivals such as Lights Fantastic, Carbondale’s Great Cardboard Boat Regatta, Keep Carbondale Beautiful, Walk for Life, road races, and community service activities.

Tier system rewards responsible (age appropriate) students with the opportunity to enjoy an independent weekend activity. Each of these students chooses their activity, which involves a fellow student to ensure safety.

Physical Education and Fitness

Brehm staff recognize the importance of health and physical fitness. Cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance/strength, and percentage of body fat are the primary focal points. We set goals and check progress.

Physical Education and Health classes are designed to help students make wise choices regarding exercise, diet, nutrition, hygiene, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and sexual activity. By promoting a healthy lifestyle through encouraging, modeling, and educating, we hope to help our students become physically fit and avoid future fitness problems.

When students feel healthier, it boosts their self-esteem, and that can help students with all aspects of Brehm’s holistic model(fulfilling their academic, social, and emotional needs).

Brehm intramural programs also provide opportunities for students to pursue group and individual activities related to fitness and healthy living.  There are a number of facilities that the Brehm students can take advantage of including the SIUC Recreation Center, the 24/7 Fitness Gym and other fitness resources in southern Illinois.

Brehm Student Council

The Student Council is an opportunity for students to be elected by their peers and try out leadership roles. Student Council members run the student store, plan dances, prepare staff-appreciation events, and serve as role models for their fellow students.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

FBLA is an extracurricular group that provides students opportunities to work as a team, learn leadership and job skills, travel, organize fundraisers, plan and hold school-wide events, and participate in community service. The group attends two FBLA conferences each year. The Southern Illinois Regional Conference and the State Conference offer workshops where students can learn about business topics that are relevant to high schoolers.

FBLA members have opportunities to volunteer in the community and hold service projects. Examples are holding campus-wide food drives, buying gifts for the Angel Tree, working with children at SIU Head Start, and entertaining the residents of a nursing home.

This group provides a fun and engaging way for students to practice using executive functioning, social, and life skills.

Team Sports

Brehm School players, coaches, fans, school personnel, and parents learn to realize that the “will” to win and the work put in are more important factors than winning itself. When students have positive experiences with coaches they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them in school, jobs, and other interests. Our students begin thinking outside of themselves. They learn the positive concept of team and teamwork. Attitudes often change from this is about “me” to this is about “us.” Once they see that everyone gets to play they start to think about the team as a whole and not just themselves. They learn to be happy for the other team members and the impact success in others has on the team as a whole.